Dmitry Tolpin

Dmitry Tolpin
The Laboratory encourages innovation; provides ample amounts of technical resources; and gives an opportunity to learn, solve problems, get involved, and be a part of the solution.
Describe your work at the Laboratory.

I am primarily involved in the modernization of fabrication capabilities to satisfy the requirements of unique Lincoln Laboratory designs. We work in a rapid, low-volume, high-precision environment and often have to come up with fabrication solutions that are not typical or readily available in industry. Currently, I am involved in the fabrication of components that are critical to optical systems at the Laboratory and require precision comparable to a fraction of a wave of visible light, or approximately 1/1,500th of a strand of human hair.

What motivates you?

My work often requires not only experience and knowledge but also iterations and patience. Some days—like when one is solving a puzzle—are difficult and frustrating, but it feels good when a problem turns into an “aha” moment and we achieve results. An interesting job along with the great benefits and working environment provided by the Laboratory make a beautiful combination.