A researcher is prototyping a next-generation, cost-effective disk-encryption device for protecting classified data in forward-deployed, tactical mission systems.

Cyber Operations and Analysis Technology

The U.S. government faces serious threats from sophisticated cyber adversaries who seek to access and disrupt systems and missions. We improve the security of these government systems through the development and deployment of innovative cybersecurity solutions. In particular, our group develops quantitative threat models to inform our cyber systems analyses and prototypes cyber defense techniques. We employ novel analytics to help us discover and characterize cyber threats. Our researchers have developed scalable cyber decision support tools that are used by the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Featured Projects

CASCADE software uses complex systems modeling and simulation to explore thousands of adversarial action-reaction logic branches and predict probable outcomes. The software generates cyber solutions optimized for security, cost, and mission performance.
cyber security
CASCADE software simulates cyber attacker and defender actions and recommends multiple courses of action to make systems and networks more secure.
CHARIOT software helps reduce the time that analysts spend searching vast amounts of online data by automatically flagging content that likely contains cyber discussions indicative of potential cyber attacks.
human language technology
Using CHARIOT software, cybersecurity analysts can quickly filter online data to discover conversations that hint at cyber threat

Advancing Our Research

Featured Publications

Beyond expertise and roles: a framework to characterize the stakeholders of interpretable machine learning and their needs

Jan 24
Proc. Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 8-13 May 2021, article no. 74.

Towards a distributed framework for multi-agent reinforcement learning research

Sep 22
2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conf., HPEC, 22-24 September 2020.

Our Staff

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