Our group applies expertise in microwave circuit design and fabrication to sensor and electronic warfare systems. Above is an integrated microwave frequency converter based on co-planar microstrip technology.

Advanced Concepts and Technologies

Our expertise is in developing radar, electronic warfare, and system-of-systems technologies for future integrated air and missile defense systems. We design highly digitized phased array radars, equipped with advanced signal processing and electronic protection, for the next generation of land, shipboard, and airborne sensors. Our staff help protect the nation's military platforms against missile threats by developing electronic attack technologies and techniques. We are also at the forefront of engagement and resource coordination research. We address all facets of new technology by developing system concepts, validating these concepts through modeling and simulation, designing hardware and software solutions for systems, and then developing prototypes that we field test.

Advancing Our Research


12 - 14
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA

Featured Publications

3D printed conformal array antenna: simulations and measurements

Oct 18
6th Int. Symp. on Phased Array Systems and Technology, PAST 2016, 18-21 October 2016.

Multi-PRI signal processing for the terminal Doppler weather radar, part I: clutter filtering

May 1
J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol., Vol. 22, May 2005, pp. 575-582.