Pictured is the undersea vehicle emitting a beam.

Mission Critical Technology

The Technology Office enables the development of technologies that address long-term challenges and emerging issues within Lincoln Laboratory’s core mission areas. To maintain an awareness of evolving national security problems and applicable technologies, the office interacts regularly with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and other government agencies. Five areas are the focus of R&D in this investment portfolio:

  • Cyber security
  • Information, computation, and exploitation
  • Integrated systems
  • Optical systems technology
  • RF systems

Featured Projects

A schematic of a plane equipped with a lidar detecting humans under dense tree canopy.
Lincoln Laboratory is exploring the feasibility of building an airborne sensing system to detect the presence of humans under dense tree canopy.
A flow chart showing how audio signals are processed to create features for algorithms to distinguish between signals from cargo, passenger, tanker, and tug ships.
undersea technology
New machine learning methods capture statistical features within sonar data to distinguish between sound sources.
A researcher stands on a laptop. In front of him are a few small radios, and a large projector screen showing data.
RF technology
A deployable navigation network of small, low-cost radio transponders can help track the locations of first responders during rescue operations.
The illustration shows a segment of a chip that RECORD adapts its power consumption by activating only portions of the system..
information, computation, & exploitation
A processor that automatically adjusts to computational needs is designed to minimize power consumption.
This is one use case for embedded AI technology--tactical radios.
information, computation, & exploitation
An artificial intelligence (AI) test environment can help researchers evaluate promising embedded AI technologies and their impact on systems developed for Department of Defense missions.



A hardware root-of-trust design for low-power SoC edge devices

Sep 22
2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conf., HPEC, 22-24 September 2020.