A key management approach for unmanned aerial systems utilizes cryptographic protocols for dynamic group keying to secure the command and control channels while limiting the receipt of the sensor broadcasts to authorized users.

Secure Resilient Systems and Technology

Our group develops architectures and technologies for ensuring security and resiliency of mission-critical cyber-physical systems, from drones and satellites to high-performance secure cloud computing. We pursue innovative research and development through the problem analysis, rapid prototyping, and field testing phases, to ultimately deliver our technological solutions for Department of Defense and Intelligence Community uses. Our group is made up of top scientists, engineers, and support staff who share a common passion for solving some of the hardest technical problems relevant to national security.

Featured Projects

a collage of images showing a satellite, a jet, a warship, and soldiers on the ground. In the middle of the collage is an illustration of a circuit board.
cyber security
Lincoln Laboratory is developing technologies to meet the highest standards for information security at the tactical edge.
An screengrab from the video showing about a dozen robots in a large room (representing humans at a party)
An automated, Bluetooth-based system helps perform contact tracing in a private, anonymous way, offering a method to reduce disease spread during a pandemic.
an illustration of satellite in space with Earth's blue surface in the background.
cyber security
We are researching and prototyping cyber-resilient space systems software that will enable critical national security space assets to withstand, operate through, and recover from cyberattack.
an illustration of several dozen translucent blue cubes, with highlighting lines connecting them, representing nodes.
cyber security
We are creating secure software foundations and applying them to operating systems used widely in mission-critical systems for the Department of Defense.
3 columns of text labeled "Secur Computation Engine," "Secure Data Capsule," and 'Content-centric network" laid over a graphic of the earth with "streams" of data, 0s and 1s, wrapping around Earth.
cyber security
We’re shifting the paradigm from system-centric to data-centric security, enabling automatic protection for data throughout all of its uses.

Advancing Our Research


28 - 30
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Massachusetts

Featured Publications

Automated exposure notification for COVID-19

Feb 14
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Report TR-1288

On randomization in MTD systems

Nov 7
Proc. of the 9th ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense, MTD ’22, 7 November 2022.

The tale of discovering a side channel in secure message transmission systems

Aug 13
The Conf. for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses in Cryptology, CFAIL, 13 August 2022.

Our Staff

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