Beaver Works

Project-based learning lets students explore solutions to real-world problems.
Photo of MIT students with UAVs they designed and built
Students worked on a Beaver Works capstone project to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle. On the left is the preliminary model of the vehicle on the right.

Beaver Works is an educational collaboration between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT School of Engineering. Through this initiative, MIT students engage in project-based learning activities to complement their MIT engineering curriculum; projects are suggested by national security needs identified by technical staff at Lincoln Laboratory.

Beaver Works fosters innovative, impactful research that can be pursued by technical staff and MIT researchers and students in several ways:

  • Capstone projects are one-year development projects executed in conjunction with a two-semester course; students work in teams to carry an idea from initial design all the way through to prototype fabrication and testing. The capstone is the signature project of Beaver Works.
  • Research projects engage student teams in explorations to efficiently solve critical problems.
  • Individual projects provide a student with a guided experience in a focused research area.
The Beaver Works partnership
  • Leverages synergies between campus research and Lincoln Laboratory technology areas to generate innovative solutions
  • Exposes a new generation of students to opportunities in engineering, research, and service to the nation and world
  • Provides opportunities for both institutions to make an impact on pressing global problems through science, research, and education
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