Lincoln Laboratory’s Contracting Services Department is responsible for soliciting proposals, negotiating cost, and issuing purchase orders for the acquisition of equipment, material, and various services from outside sources.

For more information specific to small businesses, check out the Small Business Office website.

Getting Started

Goods & Services

Subcontract administrators in the department work to identify businesses that can provide the equipment, components, materials, and services the Laboratory requires to conduct its R&D.

To purchase goods and services, we use a variety of methods to solicit proposals and quotes.

To be considered for future solicitations, please provide your company name, contact information, and a description of your capabilities in an email to [email protected].

External Workforce Services

The external workforce services team is responsible for the acquisition and administration of temporary support and consultant services.  We solicit competitive proposals for these services.

Contact us at 781-981-0175 or [email protected].