A key component of Lincoln Laboratory's mission as a federally funded research and development center is the transfer of its technology to the government and industry. This technology transfer ensures that the U.S. military has access to innovative technical advancements and strengthens U.S. business competitiveness in the world economy.

Lincoln Laboratory also accomplishes technology transfer through publication of its research in journals, presentation of its work at global conferences, licensing of its patents, and collaborations with small businesses.


Patents that provide the designs and specifications for our technologies can be licensed through the MIT Technology Licensing Office, at tlo.mit.edu.  Recently issued patents for Lincoln Laboratory–developed technology can be browsed at the link below.

Technology Licensing Opportunities

Spinoff Companies

Since the 1950s, more than 100 companies have spun off to industrialize technology originally developed for government uses. These spinoffs provide diverse products ranging from electronic components to photonic devices to cybersecurity tools.