Contracting Services

The Contracting Services Department's (CSD) fundamental mission is to negotiate and administer the prime contract with the U.S. Air Force under which MIT Lincoln Laboratory is authorized to operate. Additionally, the Contracting Services Department solicits, negotiates, issues, administers, and closes out all purchase orders and subcontracts for the goods and services necessary to support the Laboratory's mission of advanced research. Procurements include commercial material, equipment, and construction, as well as research and development and technical consulting support. CSD also manages several related functions such as shipping, receiving, the internal stockrooms, and warehouse.

Facility Services

The Facility Services Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all Lincoln Laboratory facilities in Lexington and on Hanscom Air Force Base.  The department furnishes design, engineering, and construction support to address the Laboratory’s ever-changing program requirements. Our overarching goals are to support the Laboratory’s research mission by providing a wide spectrum of quality services in compliance with state and federal codes, and to manage the many services impacting the workplace quality of life for the entire Laboratory community.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Department works in collaboration with the eight technical divisions to manage the financial and business affairs of MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The finance team also makes sure that the Laboratory is always managing the $900 million in funds within the bounds of our five-year U.S. Air Force contract. The department also ensures that the Laboratory's financial and business processes lead to practices that yield compliance to the contract and the the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance (the government guidelines for universities).

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is customer focused in the design and delivery of services to employees, managers, and candidates. Services include the oversight of Lincoln Laboratory's recruiting programs, including college recruiting, summer undergraduate and graduate programs, and student co-op programs. Additionally, the department supports the Laboratory's diversity and inclusion efforts, manages training and career development, and administers compensation and performance management systems. The department also provides benefits counseling and administration, supports employee and labor relations programs, and manages Human Resources Information System data and applications.

Information Services

The Information Services Department (ISD) is responsible for providing central information technology services for Lincoln Laboratory. The department integrates core transactional and leading-edge information technologies to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Laboratory and its sponsors. ISD is customer focused, providing high-value, cost-effective enterprise solutions and services that provide a secure and stable infrastructure as the foundation of efficient administration, IT security, mission assurance, and research enablement.

Security Services

The Security Services Department's overall mission is to ensure a safe and secure environment and protect Lincoln Laboratory at all facilities in which staff members perform their mission of research and development. To accomplish this mission, the department formulates and implements policies, plans, and actions designed to protect facilities against threats of vandalism, accidental destruction, and sabotage; and safeguards personnel, classified and unclassified information systems, personal identifiable information, property, and other assets from exploitation and recruitment by foreign intelligence agencies.