Technology in Support of National Security

MIT Lincoln Laboratory researches and develops advanced technologies to meet critical national security needs. What sets us apart from many national R&D laboratories is an emphasis on building operational prototypes of the systems we design.

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National Impact and Beyond

Since our founding in 1951, Lincoln Laboratory has developed technology that has transformed the activities and missions of the defense, scientific, and industry communities. From pioneering computer analytics to using lasers to transmit data, the technologies highlighted in our timeline have expanded the world’s technical capabilities

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Research and Development

At the Laboratory, R&D begins with a difficult problem that we believe technology can solve. Our researchers work in cross-disciplinary teams that leverage the latest technical advances to develop innovative solutions.

Key Initiatives

The Laboratory is pursuing key initiatives in support of our mission and the greater scientific community, leveraging expertise and resources that cut across our R&D areas.

Access Our Technology

We offer opportunities to license, sponsor, and contribute to our research and development.

Available Technologies

Transferring our technology to the U.S. government and industry is key to our mission. We have technology available to license, open for collaboration, and accessible open-source.

R&D Partners

We work with government, industry, academia, and not-for-profits to develop technologies that meet national security needs.


Join Our Team

Solving the nation’s most difficult problems takes the combined talents and diverse views of many.


Our R&D relies on creative, talented people who enjoy a challenge. If this describes you, visit our careers section to discover how you might join our team.

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Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are more than goals: they’re vital to our mission. We aim to be the national security industry exemplar in strategic D&I leadership and application.

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Community Involvement

We're committed to our community. Through a variety of educational programs, we help students of all ages develop an understanding and appreciation of science, engineering, and math. Our staff volunteer with organizations that help people in local cities and towns.