18 - 22

NGIA Workshop 2021


This workshop will be offered twice each year in winter (virtually in 2021) and summer. It offers a one-day open forum to discuss the latest developments and new requirements of the US Special Operations Command initiative:

  • To scale ISR capabilities in a near peer-contested environment at the tactical and operational level.
  • To enable broader information and awareness for faster, more accurate decision making.

The two days following will consist of one-on-one sessions with the Government about the technologies required for this initiative including:

  • Standoff Biometric Sensors. System of ground-based, multi-spectral sensors collecting in multiple domains capable of providing data that contributes to personal identification.
  • Remote Sensor Emplacement and Control. Autonomous emplacement, control, and sustainment of standoff sensors to minimize chance of detection and focus on access to most critical information.
  • Data Fusion and Information Architecture. Fuse and interpret sensor data at the point of collection to derive information. Transmit data between sensors, and selectively transmit derived information over-the-horizon with low probability of detection.

The winter 2021 workshop will be virtual; dates and format are still being planned for the summer 2021 session.