Human Language Technology and Applications Workshop 2021 - CANCELLED


The Human Language Technology and Applications (HLTA) Workshop brings user and developer communities together to discuss and share ideas on current trends, technical challenges, and lessons learned from applying human language technology (HLT) to U.S. Government applications. Key goals are to enhance the sharing of hard-learned lessons and to leverage resources and tools for maximum impact across the wide range of applications that can benefit from human language technologies. Workshop topics may include robust content extraction from speech; text information extraction for applications; machine translation and cross-language information extraction on real-world data; using deep neural nets and active learning for HLT; visual analytics for large volumes of language data; and experiences and lessons learned from HLT deployments.

Attendance is restricted to invited U.S. citizens holding a security clearance. This workshop has typically been held every other year, in even years only. The 2021 workshop is cancelled. The next HLTA Workshop is scheduled for October 2022.