6 - 7

Biotechnology and Resilient Human Systems (BRHS) Workshop 2023

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

This two-day, in-person event will feature sessions highlighting critical national needs and state-of-the-art research and development aimed at building resilience to a range of threats to national security and human well-being. This workshop will bring together government leaders, national technology experts, private industry and health partners, and federal/regional stakeholders to discuss key challenges and potential solutions centered around the following topics:

Innovating Transformational Technologies in Biodefense and Biosecurity

  • Pivoting to the Future of Biodefense
  • Preparedness and Response to Mitigate Infectious Diseases

Advancing Health, Medical, and Humanitarian Operational Capabilities

  • Achieving Warfighter Resilience against Future Threat Environments
  • Preparing for Growing Disaster and Humanitarian Medical Response Needs

A key theme for this year’s workshop is to explore the federal government’s approaches and accomplishments in speeding the development and transition of new capabilities. To draw on the biotechnology and biomedical expertise of local Boston-area industry leaders the workshop will host two cross-stakeholder panels to discuss Catalyzing Technology Innovation for National Security, and Delivering Impactful and Equitable Medical and Health Solutions. If you would like an invitation and password for the registration site, please contact [email protected].