8 - 12

Kerbal Space Program Differential Game Challenge

Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive, Orlando, Florida
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Join us for a software design competition where participants develop autonomous agents for maneuvering satellites engaged in non-cooperative space operations. Session Details:

  • The software design challenge is based upon MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Kerbal Space Program Differential Games (KSPDG) open-source library: https://github.com/mit-ll/spacegym-kspdg
  • Participants in the challenge will develop agents and algorithms for autonomous control of spacecraft simulated using Kerbal Space Program
  • The agents will seek to solve several challenge problems related to non-cooperative space operations, e.g., pursuing an evasive satellite, multi-satellite proximity operations, etc.
  • Participants are encouraged to develop agents using a range of technologies, e.g., reinforcement learning, optimal control, game theoretical techniques, etc.
  • Participants’ agents will be evaluated on a range of metrics, such as time to completion of mission, fuel consumption, relative distances achieved, etc.
  • The participant pool will undergo a series of elimination events and teams with the best performing agents will be invited to present their agents via a live demonstration during a special session at AIAA SciTech in January 2024
  • Monthly meetings will be held in the lead up to SciTech to allow technical exchanges between participants, MIT Lincoln Laboratory developers, and AIAA SciTech organizers.

There is no cost to participate and membership and/or SciTech registration is not required.

Interested teams should sign up at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P2SQVF8, then they will be notified of upcoming meetings.

Questions? Contact Dr. Ross Allen at [email protected]

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