6 - 10

KSP Software Design Challenge 2025

Hyatt Regency, Orlando, Florida

This software design challenge based on Lincoln Laboratory's Kerbal Space Program Differential Games open-source library is open to the public and will be held during the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) SciTech Forum and Exposition. Participants will develop autonomous agents for maneuvering satellites engaged in non-cooperative space operations (pursuing an evasive satellite, multi-satellite proximity operations, etc.). Participants are encouraged to use a range of technologies (reinforcement learning, optimal control, game theoretical techniques, etc.) to develop algorithms for autonomous control of spacecraft. Monthly meetings will be held to allow technical exchanges leading up to the event at SciTech. There is no cost to participate. AIAA membership and/or AIAA SciTech Forum registration are not required. For more information or to sign up, visit the SciTech link.