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Entrrance to Beaver Works Center
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Beaver Works Center supports project-based educational experiences that tap into the expertise and strengths of Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT School of Engineering.
The Fort Meade field office supports research and development of new cyber technologies for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community organizations.
Annapolis Junction, Maryland
The Maryland Field Office at Fort Meade is an asset for the Laboratory's cybersecurity research and development efforts for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.
The 40,000-core interactive parallel computing system provides high-performance, on-demand computing resources to the Laboratory community.
Holyoke, Massachusetts and MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center addresses supercomputing needs across all Laboratory research areas and supports collaborations between Laboratory and MIT campus researchers.
Researchers in the Lincoln Research Network Operations Center identify cyber threats and increase the Laboratory's network security.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Lincoln Research Network Operations Center provides the tools for analyzing and mitigating cyber threats.
Staff can use a private wireless network to research mobile device technology in the Mobile Device Lab.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Mobile Device Lab offers a way to experiment with mobile device technology in a private setting separate from a public wireless network.
Two staff members stand in a room surrounded by speakers and use a system to select which speaker a sound is coming from.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Researchers can replicate precise acoustic conditions and record acoustic data in the sound room.

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