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Space  |  Communications
Optical communication technology that enables fast, error-free transmittal of data from low Earth-orbiting satellites to ground stations.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies
A software tool that analyzes images from commercial ultrasound shear-wave elastography (SWE) systems to accurately, efficiently, and noninvasively screen for diffuse liver disease.
A novel phased array antenna architecture that achieves high-data-rate transmission by simultaneous transmitting and receiving on the same frequency.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies
A co-culture device that automates the vascularization of a human tissue to enable studies of tissue/cell interactions.
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning  |  Sensing Systems and Technologies
A custom neural network architecture that interprets imagery from standoff scanners to automatically detect threats on people or in bags.
Cyber Security
An analytical software that evaluates and prioritizes the success of different cyber defenses against potential attacks on an enterprise network.
Cyber Security
A network-layer policy that prevents unauthorized users and cyber attackers from gaining access to data on a computer network.
Communications and Information Technology
A unique single-photon-sensitive receiver that simultaneously supports optical communications from multiple spatially separated users while producing context imagery of the scene in the field of view.
Space  |  Communications and Information Technology
An innovative technology using an array of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes integrated with a custom integrated circuit to enable two-way optical communications from deep space.
Energy and Climate  |  Sensing Systems and Technologies
Software that scans internet-connected devices in a targeted region to identify decreased responsiveness indicative of power outages.