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Sensing Systems and Technologies
A ground-based system that detects and geolocates a laser beam directed at an in-flight aircraft.
Sensing Systems and Technologies
A tool that software developers can use to collect and analyze data from multiple physiological sensors to assess how users interact with the software.
Sensing Systems and Technologies  |  R&D 100 Award Winner
A remote-controlled radar system mounted on a robotic vehicle peers through rubble and debris to detect the breathing of a trapped disaster survivor.
Advanced Materials and Processes
Specially tailored nanocomposite inks used with a custom active mixing nozzle enable 3D printing of RF devices with graded dielectric properties.
Advanced Materials and Processes
An innovative approach to additive manufacturing of multimaterial glass items precludes the need for costly high-temperature processing techniques.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies
An integrated suite of software tools that can identify up to 10 individuals whose DNA is present within a complex-mixture sample.
Biomedical Sciences and Technologies  |  Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Software that uses artificial intelligence techniques to create high-resolution maps of the brain’s network of neurons from high-dimensional biomedical data.
Autonomous Systems  |  R&D 100 Award Winner
A unique propeller design that enables a drone to operate more quietly than drones using traditional propellers.
Space  |  Communications and Information Technology  |  R&D 100 Award Winner
Technology that applies novel techniques to reduce the volume and weight of active electronically steered antennas critical to systems for satellite communications and environmental sensing.
Advanced Materials and Processes
An architecture for highly secured circuits composed of hundreds of closely spaced small chips that address size and performance demands of modern microelectronics.