Amelia Servi

Amelia Servi
I take pride in helping the nation’s electric grid modernize to incorporate more renewables.

What does your job entail, and what do you appreciate about your work?

I am currently leading a program to advise the Department of Energy (DoE) about secure communications to support the evolving electric grid. I take pride in helping the nation’s electric grid modernize to incorporate more renewables through our work with the DoE. In general, I like being a part of the Energy Systems Group, where we help the nation with energy resilience, advanced energy technologies, and working towards a more renewable energy future.

How did you become involved in energy research, and how did that lead you to Lincoln Laboratory?

As a mechanical engineering undergrad, I wanted to work in energy, but at the time, it seemed like wind was the only way for a BS-level mechanical engineer to do that. I let that thought go for a while and moved into water research for my MS and PhD degrees. After my PhD, I went to work for a medium-sized R&D company in New Hampshire, where I did projects for NASA and the Department of Defense. When I started looking for my next job and saw a position In the Energy Systems Group, I was excited to be able to get back to energy research!

Where have you traveled before?

My graduate work was in water treatment, and, as part of that research, I did fieldwork in Nicaragua, Ghana, and Cambodia.

Where are you originally from?

I went to high school in Lexington, MA, so I am about as local as you can get at Lincoln Laboratory!

Free of all limitations, what is a technology that you wish existed?

Limitless clean energy, seamlessly integrated, of course! It would be nice for this generation and future generations to not have climate change hanging over our heads.