Jeffrey Roth

Jeffrey Roth - Electrical and Opto−electronic Engineer
Being a part of the BikeLL community has helped me maintain a strong work-life balance.

Jeff came to Lincoln Laboratory straight from graduate school and did fundamental research in photonics, devices, and lasers. He was gradually exposed to building systems and now applies his knowledge to hardware subsystems for optical communications. He says that one standout personal achievement was his work on a receiver preamplifier that uses a novel approach to reduce noise. It started out as an experimental design and developed into a compact flight hardware package. 

Jeff likes cycling almost as much as doing research at Lincoln Laboratory. He belongs to BikeLL, a community group at Lincoln Laboratory that helps create a more bicycle-friendly workplace.  He says the Laboratory's close proximity to the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway provides him safe bike access to work, and the Laboratory's bike-repair station ensures that he can make emergency repairs to his bike if needed.  Even though there are also a lot of other bike-friendly amenities, on the coldest days Jeff is probably most appreciative of arriving here safely and getting to work inside a warm office and lab.