Daniel J. Ripin

Daniel J. Ripin - Advanced Imager Technology Group Leader

Dr. Daniel J. Ripin is the leader of the Advanced Imager Technology Group. This group researches and develops CCD imagers, photon counting arrays, and digital focal plane arrays (DFPAs).

Up until 2017, D. Ripin led the Laser Technology and Applications Group; in that role he led research and development of advanced laser technology, beam combining, high-energy-laser systems, and optical sensors.

In earlier work, Dr. Ripin led a Lincoln Laboratory effort to demonstrate power scaling of a novel cryogenically cooled laser capable of efficiently generating light with ideal beam quality. After completion of the laboratory demonstration, he led a multidisciplinary team to package and qualify a laser for fielding onto an airborne platform.

Dr. Ripin has authored or coauthored numerous papers and conference presentations in the field of laser technology. Recently, he served as the chair of the solid-state laser subcommittee for the 2011 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO).

Dr. Ripin received a BS degree in physics from Emory University and a PhD degree in physics from MIT. As a graduate student, he conducted research in ultrafast lasers and photonic crystals.