A key management approach for unmanned aerial systems utilizes cryptographic protocols for dynamic group keying to secure the command and control channels while limiting the receipt of the sensor broadcasts to authorized users.

Secure Resilient Systems and Technology

Our group develops architectures and technologies for ensuring security and resiliency of mission-critical cyber-physical systems, from drones and satellites to high-performance secure cloud computing. We pursue innovative research and development through the problem analysis, rapid prototyping, and field testing phases, to ultimately deliver our technological solutions for Department of Defense and Intelligence Community uses. Our group is made up of top scientists, engineers, and support staff who share a common passion for solving some of the hardest technical problems relevant to national security.

Featured Projects

an illustration of an infinity symbol with label of "ARMS: Applied Resilience for Mission Systems"
We’re improving and guiding the resilience of Department of Defense missions by adapting commercial practices and academic research for the development, operation, and sustainment of software-intensive systems.
an illustration of a key lock protecting lines and nodes.
We're enabling trust in the cloud with this free, open-source key bootstrapping and integrity management software architecture.
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A suite of technologies protects data both at rest and in transit by providing access to secure computation nodes distributed throughout a network.
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We've developed an architecture and program plan for a moonshot to build a computer system that is secure to large classes of cyberattacks.
TKM enables seamless over-the-network key distribution to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and authorized terminals. At left, UAV video is accessible to authorized terminals. At right, an operator has modified access during the mission.
Cryptographic keys can now be created and securely distributed in real time during a mission.

Advancing Our Research


13 - 15
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA

Featured Publications

Automated discovery of cross-plane event-based vulnerabilities in software-defined networking

Feb 23
Network and Distributed Systems Security Symp., NDSS, 23-26 February 2020.

FirmFuzz: automated IOT firmware introspection and analysis

Nov 15
2nd Workshop on the Internet of Things Security and Privacy, IoT S&P '19, 15 November 2019.

Security Design of Mission-Critical Embedded Systems

Sep 24
HPEC 2019: IEEE Conf. on High Performance Extreme Computing, 22-24 September 2019.

Our Staff

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