Joseph "Parker" Diamond

Working with my colleagues at the Laboratory is a constant learning experience. For example, there is a wealth of technical and professional experience in our senior staff, and they are extremely supportive and will help you continue to develop.

J. Parker Diamond

Joseph "Parker" Diamond is an associate staff member in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group. He received his MS and BS degrees from the University of Tennessee in 2018 and joined Lincoln Laboratory shortly thereafter. His thesis work focused on privacy, anonymity, and censorship circumvention, and he has since expanded his research interests. Broadly, he works on secure computation methods and protocols with more specific interests in secure multiparty computation (MPC), functional encryption, and indistinguishability obfuscation.

Diamond's MPC work primarily consists of contributions to the Rapid Assembly of MPC Protocols framework, where he focuses on implementing secure database and linear algebra operations. He is also a contributor to the Automatic Cryptographic Data-Centric Security (ACDC) framework. As ACDC uses noninteractive and interactive secure computation methods, Diamond explores recent developments in cryptographic primitives to tackle complex problems and also functions as a liaison to the MPC team.