Keith B. Doyle

Keith Doyle

Dr. Keith B. Doyle is the leader of the Structural and Thermal-Fluids Engineering Group at Lincoln Laboratory. He oversees the development of advanced engineering technologies and multidisciplinary engineering solutions that enable prototype systems. These developments include optimal structures, high-efficiency thermal-fluid heat exchangers, and innovative aerodynamic platforms created using novel materials and state-of-the-art integrated analysis and environmental test capabilities.

During his more than 25 years' involvement in optomechanical engineering, Dr. Doyle has worked on a diverse range of optical and communication sensors for astronomical, remote sensing, laser communication, and imaging applications, as well as optical systems for the microlithography, telecommunications, and consumer optics industries. Considered an expert in the field of integrated modeling, he has developed novel optomechanical analysis techniques used to optimize system architectures and enable the development of advanced optical system technology. 

An active participant in SPIE, Dr. Doyle is the lead author of two editions of the SPIE Press Monograph Integrated Optomechanical Analysis, regularly teaches SPIE short courses including Optomechanical Analysis and Finite Element Analysis of Optics, and has authored or coauthored more than 40 technical publications.

Dr. Doyle holds a BS degree in engineering from Swarthmore College,an MS degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University, and a PhD degree in engineering mechanics with a minor in optical sciences from the University of Arizona.