Ryan J. McKindles

Ryan McKindles smiles for a photo

Dr. Ryan J. McKindles is an associate leader of the Human Health and Performance Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he leads several research teams focused on the development of medical technologies. McKindles joined the Laboratory as a technical staff member in 2015 and has since supported a diverse portfolio of programs that bridge the fields of neuroscience, sensorimotor control, biomechanics, tissue modeling, medical imaging, exoskeletons, wearable technologies, and human subjects research. In 2016, he helped to establish the Sensorimotor Technology Realization in Immersive Virtual Environments (STRIVE) Center, where he served as the center's first research director.

Before joining the Laboratory, McKindles worked as a scientific consultant for Brain Vision LLC. He received a BS degree in biomedical engineering (2006) from Michigan Technological University and a PhD degree in biomedical engineering (2013) from Marquette University.