Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center

The Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center (LLSC) is an interactive, on-demand parallel computing system that uses large computing clusters to enable Laboratory researchers to augment the processing power of desktop systems to process larger sets of sensor data, create higher-fidelity simulations, and develop entirely new algorithms.

The LLSC was developed to enhance computing power and accessibility for over 1,000 researchers across the Institute. Its mission is to address supercomputing needs, develop new supercomputing capabilities and technologies, and to collaborate with MIT campus supercomputing initiatives.  The center has a unique focus on interactive supercomputing for high-performance data analysis, and is located in an extremely 'green' computing center in Holyoke, Massachusetts, allowing our computers to run 93% carbon-free. 

LLSC supports numerous programming languages and software libraries, including Python, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Julia, MPI, OpenMP, and parallel MATLAB®.  LLSC collaborates closely with the MIT Beaver Works Center for Engaging Supercomputing.

Leadership for the Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center



Jeremy KepnerJeremy Kepner

Albert Reuther

Albert Reuther







To apply for a position, visit Career Opportunities and select 05-LLSC in the group drop-down box. Students are encouraged to apply for intern positions as well.












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