This report documents the scan-scan correlator (tracker) algorithm developed for Phase II of the ASR-9 Processor Augmentation Card (9-PAC) project. The improved correlation and tracking algorithms in 9-PAC Phase II decrease the incidence of false-alarm tracks and increase the detection of real aircraft. The tracker processing for 9-PAC Phase II defined in this document builds upon the prototype 9-PAC Phase II tracker describedin ATC-245. Tracker algorithms from Mode S (ATC-65) are also used in Phase II. This document describes the three main processing tasks of the tracker: initialization, input/output, and the actual correlation/tracking. The tracker itself is further broken down into four main functions: report-to-track association, report-to-track correlation, track update, and track initiation. Each of these functions is described in detail and is further broken down into sub-functions. In addition to the algorithm descriptions, the 9-PAC Phase II tracker system requirements are reviewed, and main data structures used in the 9-PAC Phase II tracker are defined.