Comparisons of long-term Schumann resonance records in Europe and North America
Two stations at a distance comparable with the wavelength in the Schumann resonance (SR) frequency range, one in Europe (Nagycenk, Hungary) and one in North America (West Greenwich, Rhode Island) have simultaneously monitored the natural vertical electric and horizontal magnetic field components in the frequency range of 3-25 Hz. This is a unique opportunity, as Schumann resonance stations are scarce and even fewer station have records with 5-6 year durations. The main purpose of this paper is to make comparisons in the SR time series measured simultaneously at the two field sites, thereby providing access to global behavior on the seasonal and interannual time scales. The comparative measurements described here point out distinct differences in the nature of convection in South America and in Africa, and reveal new aspects about the behavior of tropical continental convection on the ENS0 time scale.