Several applications of the Mode S data link are currently being implemented and equipage requirements have been issued in countries around the world. Elementary surveillance (ELS) and enhanced surveillance (EHS) applications have been mandated in Europe with full equipage of all aircraft in the airspace required by 2009. Exemptions to the ELS requirement include aircraft that will be out of service by 31 December 2009, and aircraft undergoing flight-testing, delivery, or transit into or out of maintenance bases. Transport type aircraft (defined as having a maximum take-off weight in excess of 250 knots) are to be equipped to support ELS and EHS. Exemptions to the requirements for EHS include those listed above for ELS and: a- fighter and training aircraft; b- rotary-wing aircraft; c- existing/older transport type aircraft undergoing avionics upgrades which will then support ELS/EHS; and d- aircraft types granted special exemptions (e.g., B1-B, B2-A, and B-52H bombers). [not complete]