Under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sponsorship, Lincoln Laboratory conducted an aviation weather hazard measurement and operational demonstration program during the summer of 1991 near the Orlando International Airport. Three Doppler radars were sited in a triangle around the airport, allowing triple Doppler coverage of thunderstorms and microbursts occurring there. This report contains a summary of all of the microburst producing thunderstorms that occurred within the triple Doppler region that were scanned in a coordinated fashion, during the months of June, July, August, and September, 1991. Statistics on the microburst events are presented to give an overall picture of the available data for use in analysis. The bulk of the report consists of detailed information about each triple Doppler day, including the time, location, and strength of microbursts within the triple Doppler period as well as the availability of data from supporting sensors including the ASR-9-WSR Doppler radar, radiosondes, LLWAS, Mesonet, AWOS, instrumented aircraft, ACARS, interferometer, and corona points.