Jeremy Chapman

Jeremy Chapman - Particle astrophysicist
Work-life is great here. People are always willing to help each other out and work as a team.

What are you working on at the Laboratory?
In the Systems and Analysis Group, I am working to evaluate air vehicle survivability for the Air Force.

How has your career evolved at the Laboratory? What has been the most interesting project you have been involved in?
I have been working in the same group since joining the Lab in 2014, but I have had the opportunity to work on many projects. My most interesting project right now is looking at advanced radar systems and how they are leveraging advances in the commercial telecom industry, most recently the advent of 5G and phased array antennas

Why is Lincoln Laboratory a good fit for you?
Lincoln Laboratory is a great fit for me because of the work-life balance. I get to work on important projects without the fear of burning out. The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive.

What makes the Laboratory a unique place to work?
The Laboratory is a unique place to work because it sits at the intersection of academia, industry, and government. We get to have the collaborative environment of academia, the feeling of mission importance for national security, and the advances in technology afforded by industry.