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Lincoln Laboratory engineers work on multi-intelligence software integration in the ISR PED Laboratory.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) Laboratory is a software integration facility in which researchers can apply machine learning to the automation of processes that transform raw data into usable information.
The facility's control tower simulator includes prototypes for surveillance, flight data collection, and traffic management decision support. Seen here, a Laboratory staff member controls aircraft at a simulated Boston Logan International Airport.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lincoln Laboratory staff use the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Automation and Aviation Weather Decision Support Laboratories to test prototype systems for air traffic control and to collect weather data that will help inform improvements to flight safety.
The Fort Meade field office supports research and development of new cyber technologies for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community organizations.
Annapolis Junction, Maryland
The Maryland Field Office at Fort Meade is an asset for the Laboratory's cybersecurity research and development efforts for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

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