Michael Vixamar

MIchael Vixamar smiles for a photo
The people here at the Laboratory really push for their peers to be successful, which is something I greatly appreciate.

What is your area of expertise, and what kinds of projects do you apply that expertise to at the Laboratory?

My area of expertise is in hardware and firmware design utilizing FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). Here at the Laboratory, I’m able to provide my prowess in hardware and firmware to develop an embedded system integrated with our advanced imaging detectors such as the avalanche photodiodes (APDs).

Has there been a particularly exciting project you’ve worked on that you can tell us about?

A really exciting program that I’m working on is the development of a high-performance brain imaging device using time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy (TD-DCS) to monitor cerebral blood flow. The project uses Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (GmAPDs) as a detector to detect faint light signals from deep within the brain.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Boston, but raised in Lowell, MA, so both are home to me. Lowell is very diverse in cultures, and being introduced to that at a young age made me learn to appreciate and respect people from different backgrounds. Most people I know spent their time growing up attending the Boys and Girls Club in Lowell or a similar youth/teenage center. These places teach children and young adults how to realize their full potential while also focusing on academics and sports.


What aspects of your work do you take most pride in?


One aspect that I take the most pride in in my work is listening, learning, and building relationships. Everyone has valuable experience and skills that can be shared. Being able to actively listen and learn from team members improves knowledge of material, and more importantly, builds trust among peers, thus paving the path to success for everyone.


What are your favorite activities and hobbies?


A favorite activity of mine outside of work is playing basketball and watching Boston Celtics games. I play in multiple basketball leagues to stay physically active. Sometimes I'll play pickup basketball here on Hanscom Air Force Base at the recreation facility with some coworkers.


Why do you think the Laboratory is a good fit for you?


I love to learn new things while advancing myself professionally, and the Laboratory allows me to do just that. There are several opportunities for me to learn new skills and expand my knowledge in multiple technologies. The people here at the Laboratory really push for their peers to be successful, which is something I greatly appreciate.