• “It has been rewarding to teach a course in electromagnetics, a subject I care about deeply.

    I am really thrilled to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with the next generation of engineering students at MIT.”

    — Bob Shin
  • “Today, I identified and sketched key features of an aircraft wing to ensure safe operation during testing.

    I can't wait for tomorrow.”
  • “Today, I helped make it possible for airlines to assess the severity of the weather for air traffic safety.

    I can't wait for tomorrow.”
  • “Today, we used entangled photon technology to demonstrate quantum communication and networking possibilities.

    We can't wait for tomorrow.”
  • “Today, we characterized the acoustic properties of a blast wave to aid hearing loss prevention.

    We can't wait for tomorrow.”
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MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff work on applied research and development to provide solutions to national security problems. Laboratory projects continually evolve with technology, presenting scientists and engineers with opportunities to explore new lines of research. In addition, many projects are multidisciplinary and collaborative.

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