Lincoln Laboratory develops and assesses integrated systems for defense against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and air vehicles in tactical, regional, and homeland defense applications. Activities include the investigation of system architectures, development of advanced sensor and decision support technologies, development of flight-test hardware, extensive field measurements and data analysis, and the verification and assessment of deployed system capabilities. A strong emphasis is on rapidly prototyping sensor and system concepts and algorithms, and on transferring resulting technologies to government contractors responsible for developing operational systems.

XTR‑1 radar The gimbaled slotted planar array in the Gimballed Airborne Test Radar test bed collects coherent range-Doppler measurements to demonstrate and evaluate the performance of advanced radar tracking and discrimination algorithms.


Leadership for Air and Missile Defense Technology

Photo of Dr. Justin BrookeDr. Justin J. Brooke Dr. Andrew GerberDr. Andrew D. Gerber
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