Lincoln Laboratory develops and assesses integrated systems for defense against threats posed by ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and air and maritime platforms in tactical, regional, and homeland defense applications. Activities in this mission area include the investigation of system architectures, development of advanced sensor and decision support technologies, development of pathfinder prototype systems, extensive field measurements and data analysis, and the verification and assessment of deployed system capabilities. A strong emphasis is on developing innovative solutions, maturing technologies, rapid prototyping of systems, and transitioning new capabilities for operational systems to the government and government contractors.

Lincoln Laboratory partnered with the Office of Naval Research and PipeWorks, a commercial game developer, to create a planning and training tool for the Navy. This interactive tool, Strike Group Defender, immerses users in a realistic environment to help them develop an understanding of the weapon options available to ships. Strike Group Defender was named the 2014 Serious Game of the Year at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference.


Leadership for Air, Missile, & Maritime Defense Technology

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