Lincoln Laboratory conducts research, development, evaluation, and deployment of prototype components and systems designed to improve the security of computer networks, hosts, and applications. Efforts include cyber analysis; creation and demonstration of architectures that can operate through cyber attacks; development of prototypes that demonstrate the practicality and value of new techniques for cryptography, automated threat analysis, anti-tamper systems, and malicious code detection; and, where appropriate, deployment of prototype technology to national-level exercises and operations. To complement this work, advanced hardware, software, and algorithm technologies are developed for processing large, high-dimensional datasets from a wide range of sources. In the human language technology area, emphasis is placed on realistic data and experimental evaluation of techniques for speech recognition, dialect identification, speech and audio signal enhancement, and machine translation.

LRNOC staff Laboratory researchers use the Lincoln Adaptable Real-time Information Assurance Testbed (LARIAT) to evaluate the effectiveness of cyber defense techniques.


Leadership for Cyber Security and Information Sciences

Steve RejtoMr. Stephen B. Rejto Dave MartinezMr. David R. Martinez Marc ZissmanDr. Marc A. Zissman



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