Lincoln Laboratory conducts research, development, evaluation, and deployment of cyber-resilient components and systems designed to ensure that national security missions can be accomplished successfully despite cyber attacks. Efforts include cyber analysis; architecture engineering; development and assessment of prototypes that demonstrate the practicality and value of new cyber protection, detection, and reaction techniques; and, where appropriate, deployment of prototype technology into operations. The Laboratory plays a major role in the design, development, and operation of large-scale cyber ranges and cyber exercises. The Laboratory also develops advanced hardware, software, and algorithms for processing large, high-dimensional datasets from a wide range of sources, including speech, imagery, text, and network traffic. Emphasis is placed on high-performance computing architectures, machine learning for advanced analytics, and the use of relevant metrics and realistic datasets.

LRNOC staffIn the mobile device laboratory, Mark Smith (in background) and Evan Fiore of the Cyber Systems and Operations Group investigate the cyber-electromagnetic environment for handheld devices and wireless communication.


Leadership for Cyber Security and Information Sciences

Steve RejtoMr. Stephen B. Rejto Dave MartinezMr. David R. Martinez Marc ZissmanDr. Marc A. Zissman



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