An electric induction micromotor with a 4-mm-diameter rotor was designed and built for high-power operation. Operated at partial actuating voltage, the motor has demonstrated an air gap power in excess of 20 mWand torque of 3 5 Nmat speeds in excess of 55 000 rpm. Operation at higher power and speed was limited by bearing stability at higher rotational speeds. The device builds on an earlier micromotor demonstrated by Frechette et al. The high power of the present motor is enabled by its low-loss, high-voltage electric stator, which also offers improved efficiency. The development of this electromechanical device is an important enabling step not only for watt-scale micromotors, but also for the development of microelectric generators. This paper presents the motorαs design, the fabrication process that was created to meet its stringent design requirements, and its performance to date.