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Staff in the Electronic-Photonic Integration Facility fabricate components, circuits, and subsystems for both internal and external partners.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The state-of-the-art facility supports the development of optoelectronic components, photonic integrated circuits, CMOS electronic integrated circuits, and hybrid electronic-photonic integration techniques.
The Microelectronics Laboratory covers 70,000 square feet.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Microelectronics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art semiconductor research and fabrication facility that supports the design, fabrication, and packaging of novel devices.
Researchers at Lincoln Laboratory are studying methods to use trapped ions for large-scale quantum information processing.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
We are studying methods to use trapped ions and Josephson junction–based superconducting circuits for large-scale quantum information processing.
A fused deposition modeling production system in the Rapid Hardware Integration Facility enables staff to build customized thermoplastic parts for prototype systems.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The expansive Rapid Hardware Integration Facility houses machines and equipment that enable Laboratory staff to build prototype systems within a short timeframe.
TOIL's machine shop has various tools for fabricating parts for new systems.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Laboratory fosters creativity by offering staff a well-equipped makerspace for experimenting with the construction of new inventions.
an image inside of the VITL lab showing a mechanical assembly bench and a large 3D printer.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The VITL enables rapid medical device prototyping through virtual clinical collaboration

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