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Entrrance to Beaver Works Center
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Beaver Works Center supports project-based educational experiences that tap into the expertise and strengths of Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT School of Engineering.
Unique fabrics woven with microstructured polymer fibers and containing microelectronics will be transitioned into integrated systems at the Defense Fabric Discovery Center.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The DFDC houses technology to develop advanced fibers and fabrics for defense applications.
A fused deposition modeling production system in the Rapid Hardware Integration Facility enables staff to build customized thermoplastic parts for prototype systems.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The expansive Rapid Hardware Integration Facility houses machines and equipment that enable Laboratory staff to build prototype systems within a short timeframe.
In the large near-field scanner chamber, the full-scale Multifunction Phased Array Radar prototype undergoes beam pattern testing.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The facility enables us to fabricate, integrate, and test in anechoic chambers RF systems to ensure they will work well in the field.
Lincoln Laboratory is conducting health and performance research in its Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) dome in the new Sensorimotor Technology Realization in Immersive Virtual Environments (STRIVE) Center.
Billerica, Massachusetts
Housing one of the world's most advanced immersive virtual reality laboratories, the STRIVE center enables our staff to work on new research and test technology in simulated environments.
an image inside of the VITL lab showing a mechanical assembly bench and a large 3D printer.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The VITL enables rapid medical device prototyping through virtual clinical collaboration

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