Lincoln Laboratory is organized into technical divisions and service departments under the governance of a Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director for Operations, and the Director's Office Staff. The Laboratory reports to the MIT Office of the President.



Rafael Reif
Martin Schmidt
Vice President for Research
Maria Zuber


Lincoln Laboratory

Joint Advisory Committee Director
Eric Evans
Steering Committee
Marc Bernstein
Assistant Director
for Operations
Scott Anderson


Office of the Director

Chief Technology Officer
Robert Bond
Executive Officer
John Kuconis
Assistant to Director for Strategic Initiatives
Israel Soibelman
Mission Assurance, &
Program Support
Deborah Valley
Communications and Community Outreach
David Granchelli
Capital Projects
Michael Menadue


Technical Divisions

Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology

Justin Brooke
Division 3 Groups

Homeland Protection and
Air Traffic Control

Melissa Choi
Division 4 Groups

Cyber Security and Information Sciences

Stephen Rejto
Division 5 Groups

Communication Systems

Scott Stadler
Division 6 Groups


Michael Languirand
Division 7 Groups

Advanced Technology

Robert Atkins
Division 8 Groups

Space Systems and Technology

Grant Stokes
Division 9 Groups

ISR and
Tactical Systems

Robert Shin
Division 10 Groups


Service Departments

Contracting Services

Paul Conroy

Facility Services

Joseph Dolan

Financial Services

Patricia O'Riordan

Human Resources

Brian Donahue

Information Services

Robert Solis

Security Services

Shawn Daley


General Counsel

The MIT Office of General Counsel provides legal services for MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  Legal inquires may be sent to the onsite legal advisor at Lincoln Laboratory.


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