Alan J. Fenn

Alan J. Fenn-Senior Staff

Dr. Alan J. Fenn is a senior staff member in the RF Technology Group. He is currently involved in the development of novel ultrawideband antennas and phased arrays for radar and communications applications. 

In 2000, Fenn was elected a fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive phased array antennas, and he is internationally known for his work in this field. He is an author of more than 80 journal articles, conference papers, and patents in the field of antennas and adaptive phased array systems. 

Fenn received the 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference, M. Charles Fogg Best Paper Award, the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society's 1990 H.A. Wheeler Applications Prize Paper Award, and the IEEE/URSI-sponsored 1994 International Symposium on Antennas (JINA) Award. He served as technical program chair for the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology.  He is currently serving as Technical Program Chair for the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation. He has developed an MIT OpenCourseWare online lecture series based on a book that he authored entitled Adaptive Antennas and Phased Arrays for Radar and Communications.

Fenn received a BS degree from the University of Illinois–Chicago and MS and PhD degrees from The Ohio State University, all in electrical engineering.