Christina M. Rudzinski

Portrait of Christina Rudzinski

Dr. Christina M. Rudzinski is the assistant head of the Biotechnology and Human Systems Division at Lincoln Laboratory. In this role, she shares responsibility for research, development, evaluation, and technology transfer of advanced technologies and systems for chemical and biological defense, human health and performance, and global resilience to climate, conflict, and disaster threats. Prior to this role, she was the leader of the Counter–Weapons of Mass Destruction Systems Group, and her oversight broadly spanned the development of defenses against chemical, biological, and explosive threats. Highlighted research areas include red teaming advanced chemical and biological threats, mitigating threat impact through advanced detection architectures and capabilities, improved global threat interdiction through advanced autonomous aerial and maritime systems, and the development of capabilities to characterize and rapidly recover from chemical and biological threat events and natural pathogen outbreaks.

Rudzinski has been actively engaged in committees focused on combating climate change and promoting diversity, work-life balance, and STEM outreach. She joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 2001 with a BS degree in chemistry from Grand Valley State University and a PhD degree in inorganic chemistry from MIT.