David A. Wilson

I find the Laboratory to be an ideal environment for me because it operates in the R&D space between academia and industry, with many of the interesting elements of both. We keep up with the latest research, and also try to make it into a reality.

David Wilson

Dr. David A. Wilson is a technical staff member in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology group. Dr. Wilson is a cryptographer, security designer, and security analyst; since joining MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 2014, he has worked on cybersecurity projects across all levels of maturity on the R&D spectrum, from theoretical analysis to building prototype systems for actual use. He has built embedded radio encryptors, developed system architectures for secure cloud storage, and both programmed code and analyzed algorithms for secure multiparty computation. He has also led trade studies for a number of existing and proposed DoD data architectures, and performed security analyses of highly-network-constrained key-agreement protocols.

Dr. Wilson received a PhD in computer science from MIT in 2014 with a focus in theoretical cryptography, under the supervision of Prof. Shafi Goldwasser. Prior to that, he received BS degrees in computer science and mathematics and an MS degree in computer science from MIT, and worked as a software engineer for several years.