Jeffrey J. Hughes

Jeffrey J. Hughes is a member of the technical staff in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His primary research has focused on the development and evaluation of secure hardware solutions with a broad interest in application- specific architectures, systems analysis, and signal processing. Since joining Lincoln Laboratory in 2010, Hughes has led research efforts focused on realizing foundational advances in the design and implementation of survivable, long-lived systems that are resilient to changes in the resources provided by their operational environment. He has also contributed to the development and evaluation of clean-slate secure computer architectures and operating systems.

Hughes currently leads efforts focused on extending system security throughout the hardware-software stack, developing secure roots of trust, and leveraging hardware key management architectures to support secure communications at scales from embedded to cloud computing.

Hughes holds an MS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and BS degree from Pennsylvania State University, both in electrical engineering.