Kenny Alperin

Kenny Alperin is a technical staff member in the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His work involves applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop analytics for cybersecurity and information operations. In particular, he is passionate about using natural language processing techniques to gain insights from text data, and applying explainable AI to make machine learning capabilities more interpretable for end users. He has authored multiple conference papers in these areas. He first joined the Laboratory in 2014 as an assistant staff member in the Embedded and Open Systems Group working on software platforms for avionics systems.

In addition to his technical work, Alperin has been closely involved in the Laboratory’s employee resource groups and recruiting efforts. He is the former co-chair of the New Employee Network and Recent College Graduate employee resource groups, in which he planned events for newer staff to learn more about Laboratory culture through professional development and social networking opportunities. He also leads the Laboratory’s recruiting efforts at Tufts University, his alma mater, by organizing campus visits to engage with students at career fairs and information sessions.

Alperin received his BS degree in electrical engineering in 2014 and his MS degree in computer science in 2019, both from Tufts University. His master’s was completed through the Laboratory’s Part-time Graduate Studies program, with a focus on machine learning and visual analytics.