Kristin N. Lorenze

Kristen Lorenze - Head of the Program Management Office

Kristin N. Lorenze is an assistant head of the Engineering Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Lorenze joined Lincoln Laboratory in 2006 as an associate staff member in the Mechanical Engineering Group, where she focused on electromechanical design engineering and had oversight of the designer cell and configuration management system. During this time, she served as the Engineering Division lead for the HSV-1 program. In 2009, she transitioned to the newly formed Program Support Office and served as the business program manager for several optical communications efforts, including the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration, in the Communication Systems Division and several significant classified programs. She was responsible for developing cost and schedule estimates, guiding all aspects of program execution, and managing the sponsor interface. Lorenze was promoted to leader of the Program Support Office in 2014, and her role focused on the successful delivery of the Laboratory’s Level 1 prototypes.

In 2018, Lorenze was appointed to a new, senior-level Laboratory position as head of the Program Management Office. In this role, she significantly expanded the Laboratory’s program management posture to improve program execution Laboratory-wide. These efforts included developing a pool of highly skilled program managers, providing support to an expanded set of critical programs, working with Human Resources to develop and carry out Laboratory program management education and training, and working with the Financial Services Department to architect a system of categorization and program management needs for all levels of Laboratory programs. Lorenze’s commitment to an inclusive environment is reflected in her position on the Laboratory’s Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Lorenze holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University (2001) and an MBA degree in technical management from Boston College (2004). Prior to joining the Laboratory, she worked at Teradyne as a mechanical design engineer and product lead.