Lalitha Parameswaran

Lalitha Parameswaran-Technical Staff

Dr. Lalitha Parameswaran is a technical staff member in the Advanced Materials and Microsystems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She has worked on a wide variety of programs, including the development of field emitter array based cold cathodes for high power microwave sources, micromachined and microfluidic devices for artificial biological membranes and small-particle manipulation, hardware and algorithm development for cell-based biosensors, and novel devices for biomolecule extraction and purification. She has coauthored publications in many of these areas, and is a co-inventor on two patents for nucleic-acid extraction devices.

Parameswaran's more recent efforts have focused on developing novel nanoscale structure fabrication techniques for a variety of applications including thin film photovoltaic enhancements, metamaterial optical filters, and acoustoelectric devices. She is currently leading a program to develop a novel microplasma-based sputtering system for additive manufacturing of conductors and semiconductors.

Parameswaran received a PhD in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.Eng in electrical engineering from Carleton University located in Ottawa Canada. Her graduate work focused on the development of fabrication techniques for monolithic integration of microelectromechanical sensors with CMOS electronics.