Lin Li

This is a headshot photo of Lin Li.

Dr. Lin Li is a technical staff member in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Her research is focused on advanced graph analytics, representation learning for relational and graph data, natural language processing, and AI for biosecurity and material science. She is currently investigating approaches on AI-driven experimental design for novel materials and biological systems and applications of AI for social good.

Before joining Lincoln Laboratory in 2015, Li worked at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland, as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research was on learning sparse representations of high-dimensional data and modeling dynamic patterns in collective behaviors of social agents. Li is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She received the 2014 Young Author Best Paper Award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society for her work on distributed principal subspace estimation in wireless sensor networks. Li received PhD and BS degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California, Davis.