Nathaniel Hanson

Dr. Nathaniel Hanson is a technical staff member in the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He holds a BS degree in computer engineering from the University of Notre Dame, an MS degree in computer science from Boston University, and a PhD degree in computer engineering from Northeastern University’s Institute for Experiential Robotics.

Within the HADR group, he leads a portfolio of research focused on the intersection of robotics, disasters, and remote sensing. His PhD research focused on making hyperspectral imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy lighter and more cost-effective for use in robot-centric terrain and object understanding. Hanson’s current research interests include sensor-algorithm co-design for material perception, soft robotic intelligence, and remote sensing for climate monitoring. Hanson is active in collaborative efforts with MIT campus, including the Beaver Works Summer Institute where he is the lead instructor for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle racing program.