Timothy M. Braje

Dr. Timothy M. Braje is a technical staff member in Lincoln Laboratory’s Cyber Operations and Analysis Technology Group. Braje is currently leading a project that uses emerging formal verification techniques with the Coq proof assistant to build provably secure cryptographic protocols. His broader interests range from programming languages to quantum algorithms. Braje believes that computing needs to undergo a paradigm shift in which using formal verification techniques becomes the common practice, driving the industry into creating software that works according to designs.

Prior to his current work in cryptographic protocols, Braje studied suitability of quantum algorithms for Department of Defense missions and evaluated adaptive computing platforms for DARPA. Between 2009 and 2015, he led the effort to architect and build the Laboratory’s next-generation advanced cyber testing platform, including tools for range control, visualization, and traffic generation. Before coming to the Laboratory in 2009, he worked at multiple startup companies in different industries, building investment tools for asset managers and program analysis platforms for software developers.

Braje holds a BS degree in physics from the University of Florida and a PhD degree in theoretical astrophysics from Stanford University.